About Strange Telemetry

Strange Telemetry is a research company and consultancy. Through design projects, workshops and writing, we explore and illuminate the contexts in which technologies are imagined, built, used, and controlled.

We work with clients to produce tangible material outputs that create debate, inform policy and develop strategy. 

Strange Telemetry is a workers’ co-operative. Owned and managed by our members, we aim to work in a way that preserves our autonomy and independence.


Speculative and Critical Design

We use speculative and critical design to interrogate how we live and work with technologies. Our process often involves developing speculative prototypes and designs that can be taken to clients and publics as a way of stimulating debate and critical thinking. This is part of our larger aim to materialise and utilise speculative and critical design in new contexts and applications. 


Workshops form both an output and part of a process. All our workshops are bespoke and developed to the specific needs of the client. In workshops we test designs and scenarios, stimulate critical discussion and gather data for analysis. 


We use a range of research techniques to develop projects including future-focussed ethnography, experiential personas and scenarios, horizon scanning, expert interviews, field research and contextual desk research. 


We use writing as a way to communicate effectively with clients and publics. We try to write clearly and accessibly to as broad a range of people as possible. Our essays, chapters and articles are aimed at furthering discussion about technology and its contexts beyond traditional academic audiences. 


Who We Are

Georgina Voss (PhD) is an anthropologist of technology and innovation systems. Her work focuses on the development and use of hardware, electronics, and large or complex technological artefacts. In her artistic practice she takes an experiential and material approach to these same issues, producing installations, objects, toolkits, films, and images.

Email: georgina@strangetelemetry.com
Web: pyrografica.com
Twitter: @gsvoss


Justin Pickard is an anthropologist and strategist. With a background in futures studies and foresight, his work focuses on urban infrastructure, alternative innovation pathways, and global socio-technical change.

Email: justin@strangetelemetry.com
Web: justinpickard.net
Twitter: @justinpickard


Tobias Revell is an artist and critical designer. Spanning different media and genres, his work addresses failed utopias, rogue actors, how culture assimilates technology, and the idea of technology as territory.

Email: tobias@strangetelemetry.com
Web: tobiasrevell.com
Twitter: @tobias_revell


Maisie Bowes is a designer exploring how design can bring about positive social change across the public realm, from transport systems to the communities themselves.

Email: maisie@strangetelemetry.com
Web: maisiebowes.com
Twitter: @MaisBowes