Three Years*

Credit: Andrew Sempere

A walkshop in Manchester, talking with participants about canals as the infrastructural cornerstone between the city’s industrial history and queer communities. (February 2015)

Papering the basement rooms of Lighthouse Arts with a wall of planning post-it notes; Justin atop a table, perfectly positioned to place his head inside the ceiling lampshade. (May 2014)

Tobias, George, and trainwine, on the journey back from Swansea, having only just made it to the station in time through the belting rain. (February 2015)

“Decadent drinkables” – AKA a 2-pint bottle of almond milk mocha cold-brew coffee – to cope with being the very early morning component of a three-time zone Skype across San Francisco, London, and Ahmedabad. (April 2016)

Tramping through flurries of heavy morning snow in Geneva, en route to Lift, past posters about the upcoming referendum on immigration; the tiniest slice of an elevator taking us up many storeys to the weirdly chalet-like AirBNB. (February 2014)

Evening sun blazing off the oak-panelled walls in the plushly carpeted room in the Palace of Westminster, as George presented our work on speculative design and policymaking. (July 2015)

A conference on Machine Wilderness inside Amsterdam Zoo; inside, drones keeping tabs on Kenyan wildlife; outside, flamingos in their ponds. (November 2015)

Senior civil servants larping possible Shenzhen-dominant futures (“So tell me Minister – has the policy unfolded quite as you’d imagined?” “Now, that’s a very interesting question indeed…”) in a room up a tight spiral staircase atop the Treasury building; out of the enormous windows, the London Eye and Big Ben. (September 2016)

Sundown: armies of wind turbines stretching out for miles, backdrop to an 8-hour taxi journey from Ahmedabad to Bhuj. (December 2015)

A conference centre in Chesterfield; inside, talk of how autonomous vehicles would serve Derbyshire agriculture; outside, farmland. (September 2016)

Birds of prey drifting above an exhibition of grassroots technologies on a cricket pitch in the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad; deeper into the campus, a prayer wheel detailing participant research and conceptual advancement. (January 2015)

A tiny table filled with tapas for the first Christmas work ‘do.’ (December 2014)

Bookshelves, white archive boxes, and Dragon Trees as proof of life in the first studio space. (September 2016)

10 days after the UK referendum, presenting the ‘Brexit bus’ (“We send the EU £350m a week / Let’s fund our NHS instead”) as a speculative object to students at the London College of Communication’s summer school on Speculative and Critical Design (July 2016)

Kenilworth Castle shrouded in fog on the third day of the new year. (January 2015)


*We incorporated as a company in October 2014, but began laying down the tracks some 9 months earlier.

Top image credit: Andrew Sempere